In the Connecting Your PC to Your Virtual GNS3 Routers post I provided basic instructions explaining how you can connect your PC to your GNS3 topology, allowing you to connect to the virtual routers as if they were real physical routers.

Next, in my Virtual Equipment + Physical Equipment = Big Lab post I expanded on the above idea and explained how you can connect physical and virtual machines to your GNS3 routers, as well as physical network gear too.

However, after having re-read the above two posts I felt that they may not be clear enough for those who are not familiar with GNS3 and/or virtualisation. With this in mind I decided to create a brand new website that would explain every single step of the process in great detail. A few months have past since then but it is now with great pleasure I would like to announce that it has finally been completed! Please follow the link below to get started.

Ultimate Cisco Lab

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