Just under a year ago I wrote a blog series called NetApp From The Ground Up - A Beginner’s Gude. Since the publication of the series I have been getting e-mails, Tweets and LinkedIn messages from people asking for more. So here it is - The NetApp Zero to Hero Guide.

This series of posts is aimed at people who have zero storage knowledge. Each post will build on from the last and together they will assist the reader in becoming a storage hero :)

Please note that at times you might feel that the posts are delving too deeply into a topic. If you do, I ask that you continue to read on anyway and do your best to retain the information. The reason being that having an intimate understanding is what separates the great engineers (aka heroes!) from the good ones.

For example, it’s easy to tell your boss, colleague and/or client that deduplication saves space, but being able to describe exactly how it works proves that you know what you’re talking about and it builds their confidence in you. It also helps in other areas too, such as troubleshooting and sizing solutions. In other words, it’s extremely valuable.

And on that note I’ll wrap up this blog post. Please stay tuned though as I will be posting my first entry shortly.

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